SPITZ auf Schmankerl

Online Shop platform for restaurants and local shops

With SPITZ auf Schmankerl we address the need of restaurant and local shop owners for being present in the digital space and accepting online orders - with offline or online payment. Orders can be placed for delivery or pickup. The shop owners can easily manage asnd automatically synchronize their assortment with their cash register.

Each shop gets its custom subdomain in a variety of subdomains, but also is integrated in a geo-aware search portal to find nearby restaurants and shops to place orders.

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Finanzkasse Labs

Supporting projects in the area of point-of-sale

At Finanzkasse Labs I offer libraries, applications and workshops to support companies with innovative ideas in the area of electronic cash registers and point-of-sale systems.



Library for electronic cash register creators

RKSVlib is a .net library to easily get kick started with the Austrian Cash Register Security Regulation (RKSV) without getting into the very details of the rgulation. It provides the whole set of cryptographic functionality and communication with smartcards and online HSMs.

This library is also used in the electronic cash registers developed at finanzkasse.at



A web-based point-of-sale system

Orderjames is not a standalone point-of-sale system, but acts as an extension of the products from Finanzkasse. From a technical point-of-view, it is a web-based system and can be started from the mobile browser. Dock it to the home screen to remove the address bar and get a custom app-feeling. Orderjames is realized as a single-page-application hence does all the loading upfront, and does not suffer from reduced performance as many other systems do.

To also directly support devices like mobile printers or mobile credit card terminals, we also provide an app which encapsulates Orderjames and injects native capabilities into the web application

This is an ongoing project and is actively development.

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Point-of-sale system

At finanzkasse.at we offer a complete point-of-sale system, primarily for the Austrian market

The system contains of several components with a clear separation of responsibilities: Configuration application as a central point to add all the configuration and data, Query to perform statistical analysis, Terminal to take orders. The whole system is following a client-server approach, of course offering multi-terminal support.

A central point of point-of-sale system, especially when targeting the hospitality industry (e.g. restaurants, bars,...), is to connect to supporting devices like coffee machines dispension units, credit card terminals, waiter locks, barcode scanners, various printers and so on. Futhermore we integrated (besides our own Orderjames solution) other commonly used mobile terminals.

This also is an ongoing project and is extended and improved continuously.



EBilly - validate your receipts

A new Austrian regulation in 2016 obliged all shops in Austria to digitally sign their receipts. The signature is, in most cases, encoded as QRCode and printed on the receipt. Customers have no way of verifying the signature. EBilly uses publicly available data from the registered certificate authorities and company registers to cryptographically verify the receipt data, and collects the company information.

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Library to comunicate with credit card terminals

Libecterm is a .net library implementing the ZVT protocol to communicate with credit card terminals. The ZVT protocol is used by major payment companies in Europe for the comunication of credit-card terminals with point-of-sale systems.

The commercial version of this library has extended command support and also includes support for other terminals not supporting the ZVT protocol

Source Website

This site is open-source - here's the source code repository.